Individuals not necessarily interested in running but who want to begin a fitness program in order to improve their health can get one on one personal training, strength training programs, and support to get started and stay motivated on their fitness journey.  Those of you who have reached a plateau or are just tired of doing the same workout routine day after day can connect with a personal trainer who will get you out of that rut and into a new level of fitness.

One on one personal training sessions are 30 minutes in length and custom designed for each client based on current fitness status and goals.  I design all training programs specifically for the individual by assessing current fitness status, lifestyle, fitness goals, motivation, and available support network during a free consultation to provide a safe and effective workout that will become a lifestyle, not a chore.    

Options include:

  • Single session
  • 2 sessions a week 
  • 3 sessions a week
  • Custom packages available upon request

**In order to get the most from your training and see significant results, it is recommended that you commit to a minimum of 3 months of training.  Remember, habits do not become habits in one day and change takes time.**

Group Training Sessions - In order to be successful we all need support and motivation from our family and friends so why not grab a friend (or two) and train together!  You know that you won't skip a workout if your best friend, sister, or mother is waiting for you to show up!!  Don't worry if you are not at the same place in your fitness journey as each workout will be customized for the individual and all workouts can be modified.  Just think, not only will you get to train together but you will also be able to share the cost and do more for less!

Online training plans - What if you don't live in the area?  What if you can't afford one on one training and don't have a friend or family member to train with?  What if you have a strong fitness background but just don't know how to structure your workouts to get the most out of your training?  What if you just want a workout that you can follow without having to think about what to do next?  No worries, I have the answer - online training plans!

All you need is a place to workout and the desire to change your life and I can deliver a program tailored to your individual needs.  No more excuses!  Whether you have access to a gym or only want to workout from the comfort of your own home, I can provide a safe and effective training plan that will challenge you anytime and anywhere.  


As a coach and trainer, I provide you with much more than just a training plan.  My training plans are individualized based on your current fitness level, your short and long term fitness goals, and any past or current injuries.  I offer support via email, phone conversations and in person meetings (if you live in the area and prefer to meet face-to-face).  

Due to the range of services I provide and the fact that individual needs vary, as some people are looking for a bit of guidance and others desire or need much more direction, support, and accountability, my prices range from $150-350/month.  In order to determine the best program for your needs and whether we will be a great fit for each other, call today and schedule your free consultation.


Contact me today to discuss your individual needs and set up a FREE consultation.