Gait Evaluations

Functional Movement Screens

Nutrition Coaching through Precision Nutrition ProCoach

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Prehabilitation and Post-rehab Injury Management - Individuals with a prior injury or those who are returning to training following injury or surgery can resume training with programs designed to safely return them to their prior level while limiting the risk of re-injury throughout the process.  Individuals with an upcoming orthopedic procedure can improve strength and mobility as well as post-surgical outcomes by participating in training prior to surgery.   

Posture and Musculoskeletal Screens

Agility/Plyometric Training

Sport Specific Training - Athletes looking to reach the next level in their sport can receive individualized training programs specifically tailored towards their sport and designed to reduce the likelihood of injury.  Training with a sports team doesn't always allow individuals to focus on their weaknesses, but when you work with a personal trainer YOU are the focus and the areas that need work will be addressed in order to get you to the next level.

Strength and Conditioning Programs for sports teams and organizations