One-on-one training sessions to improve running form, address musculoskeletal imbalances, and improve speed. 

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced training programs for all race distances including one mile, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra races.

Running Specific Strength Training Plans to improve running form, increase endurance and speed, and reduce injury risk.

Running Gait Evaluations and Functional Movement Screens to identify musculoskeletal imbalances or weakness to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance. 

Training Programs - Offered a few times a year, training programs allow runners to improve their running while meeting new people with a similar interest in running. Follow Because We Run, LLC on Facebook and Twitter for more information on upcoming programs.


As a coach, I provide you with much more than just a training plan.  My training plans are individualized based on your current fitness level, your goals for running, and any past or current injuries.  I offer support via email, phone conversations and in person meetings (if you live in the area and prefer to meet face-to-face).  

Due to the range of services I provide and the fact that individual needs vary, as some people are looking for a bit of guidance and others desire or need much more direction, support, and accountability, my prices range from $150-350/month.  In order to determine the best program for your needs and whether we will be a great fit for each other, call today and schedule your free consultation.  


Contact me today to discuss your individual needs and set up a FREE consultation or find me on Training Peaks here.